Choose the Best Smartphone Repairing Institute in Ernakulam


Britco & Bridco is India’s first mobile phone institute, we have the widest mobile phone training institute and service center all over the world. Britco & Bridco have their headquarters in Kottakal, Kerala, the most famous Ayurvedic city. Britco & Bridco, a recognized institution approved by the Board of Technical Education, offers mobile repair courses and engineering courses that are certified by the Kerala Government. Britco & Bridco is renowned for providing top mobile phone repair training throughout India. We are proud to say that our institute here in Aluva is one of the top smartphones repairing institute in Ernakulam. We provide our students with top-notch training to make them shine bright in this dynamic field of mobile phone repair. We are known for providing the best mobile technician courses in Ernakulam. We observe every student and provide separate training to prepare them for the leading industry.

Mobile repair courses in Aluva, Kochi, have updated curriculum and practical training that will benefit our students in many ways when they start working in this field of repair. You will be trained by faculty who have years of experience in this field. We are glad that we helped so many of our students pursue their dream careers, help them find their potential and help them develop their skills.

Our students, who are placed in their dream jobs, are spread globally. If you enroll in mobile Repairing Training Institute Aluva, you will become a master of mobile repairs. This will open up a lot of opportunities for you to start a career as soon as possible. In this tech era, where everything in the world revolves around technology, learning about smartphone repair will be a wise decision you will make. Learn what is beneficial for your future! Join us today.

What you will learn?

    Below are the facets of mobile phone repair covered in a course offered by Britco & Bridco, Aluva.

  • Understanding the basic components and circuitry of a smartphone.
  • Learn the basic tools used for repairing smartphones.
  • Diagnose and fix common software issues like device resets, slow performance, and error messages.
  • Learn how to replace and fix screens, batteries, and charging ports.
  • Discover how to fix iPhone and Android devices.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively in order to manage, supervise, and provide excellent customer service.
Why Britco & Bridco

Britco & Bridco is India’s first dedicated mobile phone service training institute recognized by the Kerala Government’s Board of Technical Education, founded in 1998 in Kottakal. Mobile repairing course in Aluva, Ernakulam focuses on modern training with the latest equipment and advanced technology.Smartphone repairing institute in Ernakulam is the best institute for those looking to advance their careers in the mobile repair industry. We offer a variety of mobile repair courses to advance your knowledge in this field. As we know, technology is changing in a blink of an eyeand the penetration of mobile phones into our lives is increasing day by day. The widespread use of mobile phone technology creates a demand for skilled and qualified repair technicians all around us. This marks the scope of studying mobile phone repair in the best mobile phone repairing institute in Aluva.

Our Specialities

Our institute has professionals who are well aware of what tomorrow holds, which helps our students stay up-to-date in this industry. We provide quality education, which led to our success. We have achieved immense success because our students have shown their skills by being top leaders in smartphone companies worldwide. We help our students achieve their dream of becoming expert mobile repair technicians by guiding them down the right path to success. Our hands-on training will transform students into experts at repairing mobile phones and succeeding in their work. Our students hard work and our dedication made us who we are today. We are thrilled to help millions of students achieve success in their passions. We are glad that we are helping them improve their skills through comprehensive training. Join us and make your career secure by learning how to repair mobile phones in this dynamic world.

About our Mobile Repair course

We specifically design our advanced modules to educate our students on relevant topics, which is a crucial aspect of their overall success. We teach about the latest technological advancements to keep them up-to-date on what they need to know in this dynamic tech industry. Mobile phone service training institute in Aluva provide the best mobile repairing course at reasonable prices that anyone can afford. We aim to provide the best education for everyone who is interested in learning mobile repair and dreams to be a technician. By learning mobile repair courses from mobile technician training institute in Ernakulam, you will open up a wide range of opportunities in this industry, as you can work as your own boss, start a business as a technician and teach mobile repair to students of the next generation. Enrolling in the leading institute and completing the course successfully will award you an international certification, which benefits you the most in that you can find a job anywhere in the world in this realm of technology where every corner of the world needs a mobile phone repair technician. Our experienced faculty will provide you with all of the necessary skills and knowledge to shine brightly in your career. Many years of experience in this field can teach you a lot. They will answer all of your mobile repair questions and provide support throughout the course. Smartphone service training institute in Aluva focus primarily on practical training.The hands-on training will help students gain more knowledge than theory classes. As the best mobile phone repairing institute in Aluva, we make sure all our students get their dream jobs. We organize workshops, seminars and job drives that allow our students to improve themselves and make more connections in the same industry with the global community.The classrooms at the smartphone repairing institute in Ernakulam will be the best study environment you'll ever have. We have classrooms for practical sessions, training and workshops. By learning mobile repair from mobile repair practical course training institute in Kochi, you are learning from the best institutes in Kerala. Britco & Britco’s global recognition will benefit you in many ways. Thus, your value as a student is justified. Our students are a big part of our success and their success stories are a testament to our growth. This positive feedback gives us strength every day. We are proud to say that our students make us proud and delighted every day with their immense success. Join us today and take mobile repair courses from the mobile phone service training institute in Aluva to broaden your knowledge and improve your skills.